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    Mary brings joy to empowering people improve themselves and the world around them. She is the founder of Improve, a company that improves people's lives using techniques inspired by improv comedy and behavioral research. To put some simple labels to her...she's an entrepreneur, recovering venture capitalist, startup advisor, author, speaker, philanthropist, and improv comedian. She started her first company at age 14, did early stage venture capital, was a Director at a Silicon Valley unicorn, wrote Straight From the Investor's Mouth: 111 Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs, and has performed on some of the same stages as comedy legends.
    A Continued Not-So-Brief Overview
    She is the creator of Improve, which improves people's lives using techniques inspired by improv comedy and behavioral research. Improve helps some of the largest and fastest-growing companies and their leaders innovate, solve critical business challenges, and improve performance. This all happens using a unique, fun, engaging, and effective framework that combines improv comedy, business and leadership tools, behavioral research, and neuroscience. Mary likes to say "it's like giving people M&Ms that are laced with vitamins! They taste good AND they are good for you!" Improve also has a product focused on improving mental health. With Club Improve, anyone can improve joy, connection, creativity, and reduce anxiety and fear, both at work and in life. In Mary's TED talk “How improv can improve your leadership and life” she shares the fundamental principles that underlie this work.
    Mary is a founding team member involved in running an innovative philanthropic fund that helps entrepreneurs make contributions to good causes they care about.


    Throughout her career so far, Mary has worked with tens of thousands of leaders and thousands of companies as an operator, investor, and advisor. Mary helped startup companies, including Plenty, Ozlo (Acquired by Facebook), True Link Financial (YC S13) and Fixed (YC S14, Acquired by Lawgix), and other ventures with growth, marketing, business development, fundraising strategy, and culture. She worked with R/GA Ventures to find, invest in, and support connected commerce companies. Previously, she was a Director at SoFi, a multibillion dollar online lender, where she led a marketing team, built out the business development team, and ran SoFi’s entrepreneur program and investments in startups. She worked at RPM Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm, concentrating on investments in online marketplaces, e-commerce, and automotive IT.


    While running her first business, Iorio Gelato, and investing in startup companies, Mary started doing improv comedy to help her as an entrepreneurial leader and human with loads of anxiety. When she realized the positive impact improv comedy made in her work and personal life she decided to bring it to more people developing the frameworks underlying Improve over the course of a decade as an entrepreneur, investor, executive, and training as an improv comedian at The Second City in Chicago, The Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC, The Groundlings, among other improv theatres, alongside current and future famous improv comedians. She created Improve combining improv comedy techniques, business and leadership frameworks, behavioral science, and other research-backed techniques, to help leaders and teams solve business challenges, improve their effectiveness, and develop important leadership and life skills, such as improving communication skills, strengthening empathy and emotional intelligence, connecting with others, reducing anxiety, dealing with uncertainty, and making new strong choices to grow and improve. Mary has inspired leaders and teams all over the world to improve -- entrepreneurs, business and nonprofit leaders, small startups, Fortune 500 companies and top universities, including Lyft, TED, the University of Michigan, Fordham University, KPMG, Square, Patreon, TechStars, CBSi, R/GA, Silicon Valley Bank, 500 Startups, among others.


    Mary is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has studied improv comedy at The Second City and The Annoyance in Chicago, Upright Citizen’s Brigade in NYC, The Groundlings, among other improv theatres. She is the creator and host of Startup Late Night, a late night comedy show featuring business leader guests, and has performed improv and comedy all over the country, including at Gilda Radner’s Laughfest, The Punch Line in San Francisco, and the Lady Laughs Comedy Festival.


    These are a few of my current ventures.

    For more about what I'm up to now and what I've worked on in the past check out my LinkedIn profile.

    We improve leadership, teams, and lives using techniques improv comedy inspired techniques backed by research.

    Click here to learn more on our website


    Schox Philanthropy

    helping startup founders practice philanthropy


    Learn more at www.schox.org

    a late-night comedy show featuring entrepreneurs

    a late-night comedy talk show hosted by yours truly.

    Join us as we welcome special entrepreneur and investor guests to an evening of comedy, music, conversation, and competitions.

    Watch the show online!

    Produce Puns

    Greeting cards & gifts to deliver delicious joy for any occasion


    Available at www.ProducePuns.com

    Artisan Italian gelato

    delivering sweetness through an authentic Italian gelato experience


    We make and sell artisan Italian gelato to restaurants, food service providers, grocery stores and in our cafes in Michigan.



    Uniquely customized to your company, Mary delivers an engaging, energizing keynote, empowering imagination, impact, all while laughing and having fun! Invite Mary to captivate your audience with her ability to speak on a range of topics including entrepreneurship, improvisational leadership, improving team collaboration and belonging, employee wellness, and otherwise improving lives and work with improv comedy. Mary inspires audiences with her knowledge, humor, and engaging presentation style. Mary has spoken everywhere from major conferences to corporate events at Fortune 100 companies, at startup accelerators, top universities, fast growing startups, and on the same stages as comedy legends.


    Take a peak below to see some speaking highlights...

    Select Speaking, Performances, Presentations

    International Leadership Association 2020 Conference (Virtual)

    TED Women 2020 (Virtual)

    TechCon 2020 (Virtual)

    TED Women 2019

    The University of Michigan Positive Business Conference 2019

    Agile 2019

    Agile 2018

    The University of Michigan Guest Lecture "The Art of Leading" 2018

    * Entre-SLAM 2012 *

    * The University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture Applying Improv to Entrepreneurship 2011 *

    * "Dr. Zinglove" 2008 *


    For more short clips, check out the videos on Improve, YouTube, and Startup Late Night

    For longer versions (30 minutes+) please email Mary

    If you are interested in having Mary inspire at your webinar, organization or event, please contact her with more information about your event.

  • What people are saying

    Here's what people are saying about Mary...

    "Mary took what was previously a
    dry kickoff and made it something
    fun. She got people to engage with
    ourselves and our colleagues in
    silly ways (associated with improv)
    and had us smiling and laughing
    by the end of her time."

    "Left me feeling refreshed and more open than I’d felt in a while. Still feeling the mental and emotional benefits!"

    "Imagine becoming a better communicator in a fun and entertaining environment."

    "I’d dare say, of the
    innumerable list of meetings
    I’ve attended in my career,
    that this rated as one of the

    most fun."


    Thrive Global

    Prioritize your health, always. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing we need. As a part of our series about the women in wellness, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Lemmer. Mary brings the worlds of wellness and humor together, to empower individuals and teams to improve their lives...


    Taking one day away from technology each week has helped me realize my resiliency, and inspired confidence.



    The University of Michigan

    At age 15, Mary Lemmer, BBA ’10, savored the taste of entrepreneurial success when she co-founded her first company, Iorio’s, a family run Italian ice catering business that later opened retail gelato shops...



    Security Magazine

    Late night comedy show Startup Late Night was created to bring the world of technology to the late night comedy scene. Up until the pandemic, the group held live shows in New York City. Now, all of the group’s content is produced and shared online.



    If you want to read more, just "Google" me :)

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